checknlearn motto

It’s a service that helps you adopt new vocabulary much quicker. It kind of scratches my own itch but I hope other people will find it helpful as well.

Whenever you encounter a new word when reading online you no longer have to open a new tab with a dictionary. With the checknlearn extension installed you just have to double click on a word and definition (or translation) will appear. Now, let’s face the truth, do you create flashcards for all new words you’ve „just learned”? No? So how you make sure you are increasing your vocabulary? Well, I’m lazy so at some point, I realized that sometimes I check the meaning of the same word. Checknlearn has you covered here. With a mobile app installed you will be reminded to practice words that you’ve gathered.



You can think of ZaklepSchronisko as a for mountain chalets. I hate descriptions like „Uber for X” but in this case, it’s quite ok to use it. You can make a reservation for mountain chalets in Poland. We plan to expand to other countries. Especially our neighbors - the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Together with Łukasz Prętki (co-founder), we realized that people owning mountain chalets hate This service is not designed for them. The dynamics of mountain chalets, the standards, and the language is completely different. We understand that niche, although learning new things every day. That helps us adapt the product to people’s needs.

Free Polish lesson: „Zaklep” „Schronisko” means something like „Dibs on chalet”.

Photo in the cover by Andras Vas on Unsplash