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About me

Introduction and bio

My name is Tomasz Nieżurawski but I often use a shorter version of my name - Tomek. I found it easier to pronounce for my coworkers. Although, I’m always impressed by people that can say polish „sz” digram. It may not be easy to say.

I’m a 32 years old front-end developer from Poznań, Poland. My country is very lovely, considered as cheap and very safe. I encourage you to visit Poland. You’ll find something for yourself for sure. We can even grab a beer together if you happen to visit Poznań.

Currently, I work for Phorest Salon Software as a Senior Software Engineer. Greetings to my Irish friends! Awesome people.

I’m a full-time remote worker. It has been 6 years since I started working remotely and I’m very happy with that decision. I used to work for a variety of companies in my 9 years, full-time career. From startups, through middle size to corporation size companies. I can’t say a bad word about any of them. Now I see how lucky I was to meet these people and work in these organizations. So I worked for:

  • Fibaro - on home automation when the company was still a small startup,
  • IOKI, acquired by Pearson - education company spotted and then acquired by a giant in the industry,
  • Roche - big pharma, where IT Security was a king,
  • Brandnew - influencer marketing startup, that eventually ran out of money,
  • and now Phorest - beauty and hair industry software maker with ambitious plans.

Before all these, I was working part-time for ~7 years when learning my craft (well, I’m still learning every day). That makes me a bit of a dinosaur that is in the industry for the last 16 years. I think I read my first book about HTML in 2003 but made my first money on it in 2005.

I had a short episode where I worked in heavy industry when programming PLC after graduating from Automation and Robotics. It was cool, but one day, when I saw that you can now round borders and use gradients in CSS3 I realized that this is my path. Silly, right?
Well, I guess that shows true passion. So I closed the doors of Robotics and got back to Computer Science.

Field of interests

I don’t want to be a fan-boy of a single technology or framework. Same as most of the front-end devs I have my favorite framework but I understand that you choose a tool for a job. Not the other way. So I used or use different frameworks at the time.

My expertise is around Ember and React currently. I used to work with Angular, VueJS, and CanJS. In general, I’m in a camp saying that you should master Vanilla JS. So I practice it every day. But we don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Using a proper framework for a job is a skill itself.

I love CSS. Really! It is somehow quite intuitive for me. It’s a pity that it has such a bad press.
I’m not a designer although I designed this blog and most of the layouts in my side-projects. I don’t feel confident when designing. I prefer coding. Anyway, I think I see a bit more than average Software Engineer, and my thoughts are valuable for designers. Even if, as I said, I’m a noob designer.

Pretty much every aspect of front-end development is interesting to me and it’s hard to pick something you can dedicate to. With two exceptions - generating PDFs from HTML and Emails! The first is not the right tool for the job, and the second is still in 2005 when it comes to technology. Grrr…


Sometimes I feel like I have too many ideas. I’m guilty of trying to fix every world’s (or mine) problem with software…
…that I write.

I have two promising side-projects that are actively developed. Hopefully, they will start earning money for me.
The hard but also interesting and very gratifying thing about working on side-projects is that I have to wear different hats. There are days when I have to be a marketer, designer, FE-dev, backend dev. and OPS. Where the „manager hat” tries to prioritize everything.

You can find me on IndieHackers.com talking about side-projects. A brief description of them is located on the side-projects page.

When not coding

I love football. Probably playing more than watching. I play two times a week in two different leagues. With friends, we play together for ~10 years in the same team - Szturmowcy which means Stormtroopers. It may, or may not be connected with our accuracy when shooting on the goal ;)

I'm also a dad of two which is more challenging than whatever you'll read on this blog. One day I'll tell you what I have learned from my older son about front-end development.

One message before you go

Better done than perfect

~ said someone wise